Monday, 3 October 2011

Galvanimbus Class Skybase Previz

"Galvanimbus" is the name I have given this conceptual floating airbase.

I have a pencil design but I cant find a scanner that works at the moment so I can only show the Maya stuff for it.

I chose the name Galvanimbus from looking at names for clouds, "Nimbus" may be familiar to people from other fantasy type games, it is of course also the name of a low altitude rainbaring cloud. and Galvanising is when normally metal A is covered in another metal B to better preserve Metal A and protect it from corrosion.

since this is essentially a metalic cloud base, the cloud is covered in metal and therefore "Galvanised" it can shoot and release a shower of firepower on its enemies, and so "Nimbus"

Im not fully sure if its completed yet, on my pencil sketch I had more proppellers beneath the runway, and I think maybe the runway could use something to prop it up, spanning from the base, above where the crows nest descends.

also there was another proppeller on the underneath of the crows nest.

It is about 290m tall from the tip of the lift proppellers to the base of the crows nest, and roughly 250m from the tips of the landing strips. the USS lexington had a airstrip of 266 meters long so its pretty accurate for the period.